How videos can engage your audience & make them love your product or service

Studies by Cisco have claimed that by the year 2017 videos will make up for over two-thirds of all consumer internet bandwidth.  Streaming services alone will triple in their already dominating position.  If you’re an online business that is choosing to ignore the video and visual information age, then you’ll quickly find yourself out of the market, as it evolves and leaves you behind, like broadband technologies did in the millennium.

The future (of content) will be televised!

Social media marketing using video is the future of promoting.  That is, if it hasn’t already arrived at this very moment.  Different studies demonstrate more than a large portion of organizations are as of now making utilization of social media marketing using video – an idea that is anticipated to climb as more understand the potential outcomes.  Nielsen research says two-thirds of advertisers anticipate that social media marketing using video will become the only way to get results from an all-encompassing advertising strategy.

Here’s one we made earlier…

Concerning potential gains, social media marketing using video is unbeatable.  YouTube gets more than one billion hits consistently – that is way more than any other social media platforms, aside from Facebook.  Did you know that 90 percent of data transmitted to the mind is visual, and that we process pictures 60,000 times quicker than plain text content?

For online networking advertisers, this is, obviously, enormously vital.  By utilizing photographs and videos as a part of your ads you can drastically expand client engagement and ROI – on Facebook, photographs are Liked more than twice as regularly as traditional content, and around 700 pics are tweeted on Twitter every single moment.

Get in on the social movements

So, is social media marketing using video truly feasible for small organizations?  The answer is absolutely.  Creation expenses have fallen altogether as of late and you no longer need to be a specialized media mogul to work out how to utilize it.  Apps, like Vine, have swung open the door for organizations on a restricted plan to get customer engagement.

Continuously consider the demographics you are attempting to capture and you can guarantee the feature is pertinent to them. On the off chance that it’s not the most proper method for conveying the desired information, you may be wasting valuable time and marketing £££’s, so do your research.

Don’t disregard online networking and make sure to cover all the various channels.  In the event that you need to completely understand a product or service’s potential, you must make it simple for clients to discover and understand it. Don’t disregard the versatility of social media marketing using video.


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