Finding The Perfect Marketing Strategy for Social Media Is Like a Roller Coaster Ride

Marketing Strategy for social media

Our clients know that Marketing Strategy for Social Media can be up and down at the best of times. With the myriad of platforms to choose from these days, and the growing popularity of each, its easy to see why it might be difficult to choose the right mix for your business.

There is no one-size fits all solution when considering your marketing strategy for social media, but we have listed below the most important channels for all businesses to be on and active, in order of importance!

Twitter – the no.1 site that covers b2b and b2c interaction and should be at the top of your marketing strategy for social media list. Some clients use this as a shop window to converse with potential clients or field new enquiries. There are also some excellent listening tools to track twitter for people searching for your product or service.

Facebook – another huger player in marketing strategy for social media, this cannot be ignored, even if you think it is just for personal use. The SEO alone makes it worth having a presence here. Its also a great platform for groups and targeting a special type of customer on a personal level.

Google Plus – again this is owned by Google, the search engine, so not having a presence on here would be like opening a shop in the non-busy part of town: in other words not a great business decision! You are far more likely to appear in search (SEO) with an active Google+ presence as part of your Marketing Strategy for social media.

LinkedIn – more for b2b companies, this needs to be in your marketing strategy for social media because its where all the decision makers hang out. And we all know if you want to succeed in business, you need to get to the decision maker!

So we hope you found these marketing strategy for social media tips helpful, and hopefully you don’t feel like you are on a rollercoaster when you are scanning the social frontier for new opportunities to grow your business.

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How videos can engage your audience & make them love your product or service

Studies by Cisco have claimed that by the year 2017 videos will make up for over two-thirds of all consumer internet bandwidth.  Streaming services alone will triple in their already dominating position.  If you’re an online business that is choosing to ignore the video and visual information age, then you’ll quickly find yourself out of the market, as it evolves and leaves you behind, like broadband technologies did in the millennium.

The future (of content) will be televised!

Social media marketing using video is the future of promoting.  That is, if it hasn’t already arrived at this very moment.  Different studies demonstrate more than a large portion of organizations are as of now making utilization of social media marketing using video – an idea that is anticipated to climb as more understand the potential outcomes.  Nielsen research says two-thirds of advertisers anticipate that social media marketing using video will become the only way to get results from an all-encompassing advertising strategy.

Here’s one we made earlier…

Concerning potential gains, social media marketing using video is unbeatable.  YouTube gets more than one billion hits consistently – that is way more than any other social media platforms, aside from Facebook.  Did you know that 90 percent of data transmitted to the mind is visual, and that we process pictures 60,000 times quicker than plain text content?

For online networking advertisers, this is, obviously, enormously vital.  By utilizing photographs and videos as a part of your ads you can drastically expand client engagement and ROI – on Facebook, photographs are Liked more than twice as regularly as traditional content, and around 700 pics are tweeted on Twitter every single moment.

Get in on the social movements

So, is social media marketing using video truly feasible for small organizations?  The answer is absolutely.  Creation expenses have fallen altogether as of late and you no longer need to be a specialized media mogul to work out how to utilize it.  Apps, like Vine, have swung open the door for organizations on a restricted plan to get customer engagement.

Continuously consider the demographics you are attempting to capture and you can guarantee the feature is pertinent to them. On the off chance that it’s not the most proper method for conveying the desired information, you may be wasting valuable time and marketing £££’s, so do your research.

Don’t disregard online networking and make sure to cover all the various channels.  In the event that you need to completely understand a product or service’s potential, you must make it simple for clients to discover and understand it. Don’t disregard the versatility of social media marketing using video.


Are you making the most of Twitter for business?

Twitter for business

In 2015 we are expecting to help more businesses make the transition to Twitter for their businesses. Customer service is crucial to any business, and Twitter is your front-desk when it comes to positioning yourself as the no.1 expert in your market place.

There are a number of reasons why Twitter for business is important, so we have put together a list of the benefits this Social Medium would provide for your business…and why you should be seriously looking at it before similar companies in your sector gain a head-start:

• Targeted exposure – your customers are on Twitter, fact! All you have to do is look. We have helped an Accountants recently engage with a brand new audience, widening their customer base to the Whole of the UK.

• Positive exposure – good news stories and displaying recently launched products (always with a backlink to your website) are crucial to gaining trust and keeping your potential customers aware you are a living, breathing, pro-active company.

• SEO exposure – Google loves social media! The more you are present on Twitter, the more chance of showing up at the top of searches for your industry keywords. A carefully orchestrated SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) plan can work wonders for a business looking to establish a higher Google search ranking

• Results-based exposure – tracking of how you are doing on Twitter is just as important because you need to know what is working and what is not. There a myriad of monitoring tools online that can help you. But you have to get your message right!

The above are not the standard ways of looking at Twitter for business but they are what any strategic business-owner should be considering when looking at how to allocate Marketing and staffing budgets for 2015.

We truly believe Twitter will become an absolute necessity for all types of businesses in the next 3-5 years and you need to start an action plan this year so you are ahead of your competitors. There is still a lot to learn and the technology is evolving almost by the day, but we encourage business-owners to embrace the opportunities with tried and tested methods.

We have helped businesses ranging from the following sectors: Accountants, Manufacturing, Funding Agencies, Debt Recovery, Safety Consultants, Solicitors, Logistics, Wholesale and Healthcare companies.

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3 quick tips to get you going on Social Media for business

Social Media for business

Social Media for Business: What better place to convey your passion and enthusiasm for your expert field. Your knowledge can be displayed to 1000s of people in an instant, and not just any people, people who are potential customers: business-owners, industry influencers and nearby companies.

The power of Social Media for business and the growth of the smaller SME are a match made in heaven, and we have come up with 3 quick tips to help you on your way to become a leader in your Social Industry:

  1. Create a professional Cover Page – Facebook, Twitter, Linked Company Profiles are all vital to a first impression and demonstrates your commitment to a professional experience for your customers.
  2. Update Often – The key to Social Media exposure is well, I know it sounds obvious, but you actually have to be on there. Update your status (Tweets, Posts, Update) at least 2-3 times a day. Any more and your audience could deem this as spam and you will quickly become the person or company to avoid.
  3. Share knowledge & DO NOT SELL – Ok, this is important, you want to be seen as the expert, you are building credibility, you are sharing your knowledge and passion for your Industry. Social Media for business is not a sales tool. If you HAVE to sell, we would only advise Posting sales offers 10% of the time.

We hope you find these tips useful to get you going on Social Media for business. It’s a brand new medium and its growing fast, soon it will be the no.1 marketing channel for all businesses (if it’s not already!) and if you are not on there, your competitor will be and he will be engaging with your customers, and building long lasting relationships.

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Using Articles and Professional Copywriters to Build Trust in your Company

Using Articles and Professional Copywriters to Build Trust in your Company

Picture the scene: a customer walks up to your salesman and asks a series of questions about your company. The customer is trying to get a feel for your expertise in its market. The customer wants reassurance that you know your product inside out. However, there isn’t a coherent response when the salesman opens his mouth to answer. There are a few mutterings about price and maybe an overview of the product but nothing of substance that positions your company.  Replace ‘salesman’ with ‘customer service desk’, ‘shop floor worker’ or even ‘CEO’ and the picture is equally horrifying.

This is exactly what you are doing if you fail to commission compelling, quality blog articles for your website.  You wouldn’t allow your key staff to remain uninformed about your product, so your online service shouldn’t look anything less than expert either.  Putting a ‘voice’ on the site also humanises your company.  Your customers thrive on personal relationships; they can’t build these with a website, so using it as a platform to start a conversation is a key benefit.

A lot is written about the potential PR benefits of ‘Thought Leadership’. In short, if you become recognised as the top authority in your sector, customers will trust you; they will be more likely to buy your product. Globally, think of Richard Branson or James Dyson.

Producing well-written articles containing high-quality content can, with an integrated and strategic approach, help build your reputation as an expert.  Before you publish anything by a copywriter, remember these three tips:

  • Ensure your blogs answer customers’ key questions.
  • Ensure they are relevant to the wider industry.
  • Ensure you use the language of your customers: don’t alienate people by using jargon.

Finally, whether you’re selling high value products B2B or household items direct to the consumer, always remember: it’s quality, not quantity that will win the day.

P.S. Don’t forget that the new traffic on your site can be converted into new leads fairly easily.  Think of an offer that won’t cost you much (a free consultation, complementary gift or a small discount) put a link to a data gathering form at the foot of the blog and wait for the leads to come in.

Social Media and the modern business – top 3 tips to help you start engaging online

Man Holding Social Media Icons and Whirlwind

Social Media and the modern business – top 3 tips to help you start engaging online

Many business owners we speak to have the same opinion of Social Media and the part that it plays in a growing business.  It is too time-consuming and generates very little reward for the amount of effort they put in.  It is addictive and many work hours are whittled away looking to communicate the brand message and get potential customers to follow/ like/ share your pieces of work and promote your brand.

We agree, with so many platforms, how is it possible for a business to know how to maximise their presence online, let alone how to communicate effectively in a professional and engaging manner?

Here are top 3 tips to get you started on how to maximise your business best-face when it comes to using the social web to promote your brand:

1. Tone: be professional, polite and proud! Fellow business owners on Twitter (some of your potential customers) will expect to be spoken to politely, as you would in a real-world meet-up or say, networking event.  Keep it light, and never try to push a sale on someone; social media is all about building relationships.

2. What to talk about: social media is a form of communicating and you must always remember that other “humans” are using it, so talk about normal things.  Be current, but always try and link it back to business,comment on the state of the economy, or how you made a client happy last week or if something funny happened in the office yesterday, or even just how sunny it is today!  Be human.

3. Create trust: the whole idea of having an online presence is to engage and this engagement breeds trust; the more you talk to people or connect online, the more they know you are genuine and want to help potential customers, so this creates trust.  Remember people do business with people, so always be a person first and a business second.

These are just some tips to get you started in the brand new world of social media.  If you don’t start engaging with your followers and customers, someone else will, and your business may never be reaching its full growth potential.

It is up to you to take the lead to grow your business and Social Media is the future for businesses into 2014 and beyond.

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