Our brief for this client was exciting and challenging in different ways. Social Media was a foreign concept to our client and we had a number of meetings to explain the benefits, credibility and exposure a social platform would give their business. They had no exposure via Social Web platforms and they came to us for some expert consultation and with the distinct requirement of “Exposure”.

The target market was niche, looking to connect and engage with pharmacy owners, pharmacy workers, healthcare professionals, health campaigners and practitioners of medicine.
We optimised their presence across all the big platforms and created a multiple exposure campaign to engage with potential customers, focusing on: Twitter, Facebook, Google + and WordPress. These were appropriate at this time, and fitted their budget for engagement requirements, so we setout to build a fantastic online engagement drive.
Over a sustained campaign period, our months of targeted research and engagement benefitted our client with some astounding results:

  • Multiple sales enquiries within 2 months
  • 100% Follower growth month-on-month
  • Became the go-to firm for Wholesale Pharmacy
  • Increased leads through Social Media by 20% month-on-month
  • Live engagement/ Interactions with thought-leaders and respected industry figures
  • Increased share of market voice to 30% against Royal Pharmaceutical Society

This really was an exciting client to work with and we managed to establish their Social Media presence from the ground up, and to build a framework for the client to continue to use and in time to easily manage themselves.