Social Web Marketing – will it work for your business?

Social web marketing

A lot of our clients often come to us with a problem: that they know they need to be using social web marketing. But they don’t know where to start and when they do make a start on it, they don’t know how to do “it” effectively.

We don’t think Social web marketing should be a mystery, in fact the use of social media for business is a very simple concept. But there are rules to apply if you are going to take it on yourself and make a success of it:

• Regularly post updates – the whole point of Social Media is that you are a live presence. Think of it like a portal of customer service. You want to be seen and always available for comment or opinion, or questions about your product or service.

• Include backlinks in your updates – posting your opinion on local business is one thing, but you need to be balancing this with backlinks to your website for effective social web marketing. After all the goal is to drive customers back to your website once they are engaged. But never force a sale, keep it light, humorous and non-salesy, try something like: “Check out our latest blog, we had fun writing this!”

• Keep it local, use #hashtags – the best way to grow a business is at a local level and this is where your social web marketing enterprise should start: from the ground up. The best way to capitalise is to use local hashtags for your area #london #nottingham #birmingham.  We have found people engage far more at a local level and often ReTweet, ReShare or Like posts that are targeted locally.

So there we have it, a few simple pointers to help you with your social web marketing endeavours for your business.
Remember that you are connecting with humans and, for b2b, other business people and no-one likes to be sold to. Our ethos is engage, expose and grow and all relationships whether they be in business, personal or professional start with a social connection and this is where your social web marketing should start too.

If you need any help with your social web marketing, particularly on a b2b level, we are helping a number of clients maximise their presence online using a range of social media channels. For a no-obligation review of any Social Media Marketing needs drop us a line or call us 0843 216 0636, or reply in the comments and we will call you back!

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