What Everyone Needs to Know About Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

With the myriad of social media channels available to businesses across the web these days, many business owners are wondering where to begin when it comes to getting a presence online and potential exposure to paying customers.

We have consulted on numerous projects in the last few months, and we are finding that there is actually no “one size fits all” solution to social media marketing in 2015, rather it is down to the company owners individual desire to be seen, represented and interacted with.

Here is a brief analysis of the major channels that we would recommend at least some presence online to start with, but levels of engagement can vary:

Twitter – you simply HAVE to be on here. For SEO benefits alone this place is the no.1 in our view. In the next 3-5 years this will be the way your customers will contact you, if they don’t already.

Facebook – your customers personal lives are played out on here. If you can get on their radar (literally, if they Like your page, you come up in their Status Update Feed) then small, helpful articles and reminders to them that you exist will eventually lead them to love you (with the right content!)

LinkedIn – the no.1 site for professionals, if you are a b2b business, this should be your 2nd home (after your website). The ability to target customers, connect, build relationships, share articles, engage on here on a “personal business level” is what sets it apart from the others. It’s a ready made contact list – you just have to build it!

Pinterest – a visual version of social marketing, this can be useful for Graphic Design companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Skin Care/ Beauty and Flower Shops to name a few. People love visual content. Also worth noting: approx.. 75% users are female.


Social Media for business

Social Media for business

So if you are considering social media marketing for your business, you might want to consider these to make a start with and see how you would like to position your business.

Social media marketing is now as important in the sales funnel as any other practice. It’s the new PR, Cold Call, Marketing letter, SEO – whatever it is you used to do, you need to start using social media to get your brand out there.

It’s where your customers are!

If you need any help with Social Marketing please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Whirlwind Digital Marketing on 0845 098 3019 or email info@whirlwind.co and we will call you straight back!

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