Persuing a Digital Content Marketing Strategy…

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As a business owner it can sometimes feel that keeping up with digital media is like running on a treadmill that’s constantly getting faster.

Every time you think you’ve just adjusted to the pace, an unknown force presses the button to speed it up a little bit more.

Heading Down Digital Content Street…

Perhaps you’re proud of your website, but a little research reveals that your competitor down the road has started a Facebook page and is using it to promote his blog.

Maybe you’ve started gaining followers on Twitter, but you hear that you’re losing out on contracts to people who are using LinkedIn to its full potential.

Whatever your concerns, it’s important that if you’re heading down Digital Street, you consider Content Marketing.

But what does that mean?

The Content Marketing Institute has thorough description of what it is, but the concept can be broken down into three main prongs:

  • Distributing interesting information to your existing customers

  • Influencing the behaviour of others to attract new customers

  • Separating sales pitches from content – if you get the content right, sales will follow.

It isn’t paying for traditional advertising. It’s not putting a big ‘20% off’ banner on your website. It’s not relentlessly tweeting about your opening hours, and it’s not boasting on LinkedIn about your past achievements.

We’re All Customers!

It’s a fact of modern life that we’re all customers at some point; depending on our shopping habits, many of us are customers several times every day. Consequently, so we all know when we’re getting a sales pitch and some people – particularly the digital savvy – will instantly switch off.

You need to avoid becoming a victim to their automatic filter and instead create content that catches their attention. Content marketing is about informing your customers. It’s about helping them navigate a marketplace – and wider world – awash with information.

Interesting Digital Content…

So what should you do? Write blogs about the latest products or services; produce a white paper about the future of your industry; distil a complex issue into a user-friendly infographic; use your twitter for a higher level debate with your followers.

There are plenty of possibilities. The key is to find what works best for you.

But remember: if you’re pursuing this strategy, it’s not about shouting the loudest, it’s about being interesting.

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