3 quick tips to get you going on Social Media for business

Social Media for business

Social Media for Business: What better place to convey your passion and enthusiasm for your expert field. Your knowledge can be displayed to 1000s of people in an instant, and not just any people, people who are potential customers: business-owners, industry influencers and nearby companies.

The power of Social Media for business and the growth of the smaller SME are a match made in heaven, and we have come up with 3 quick tips to help you on your way to become a leader in your Social Industry:

  1. Create a professional Cover Page – Facebook, Twitter, Linked Company Profiles are all vital to a first impression and demonstrates your commitment to a professional experience for your customers.
  2. Update Often – The key to Social Media exposure is well, I know it sounds obvious, but you actually have to be on there. Update your status (Tweets, Posts, Update) at least 2-3 times a day. Any more and your audience could deem this as spam and you will quickly become the person or company to avoid.
  3. Share knowledge & DO NOT SELL – Ok, this is important, you want to be seen as the expert, you are building credibility, you are sharing your knowledge and passion for your Industry. Social Media for business is not a sales tool. If you HAVE to sell, we would only advise Posting sales offers 10% of the time.

We hope you find these tips useful to get you going on Social Media for business. It’s a brand new medium and its growing fast, soon it will be the no.1 marketing channel for all businesses (if it’s not already!) and if you are not on there, your competitor will be and he will be engaging with your customers, and building long lasting relationships.

If you would like to discuss any Web, Social Media or SEO for your business, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line enquiries@whirlwind.co or call us 0843 216 0636, or reply in the comments and we will call you back.

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